Equipped with Full Spectrum Sound Subwoofer, Low Profile Space Saving Design, USB Powered Simplicity. and Built In Audio Jacks
  • $39.99

GOgroove SonaVERSE BSE Sound Base 3" Desk Monitor Riser w/ Powered Subwoofer

2-in-1 Speaker System and Monitor Stand
GOgroove's BSE computer speaker delivers powerful audio while also improving your desk sitting posture. The BSE is a revolutionary desktop 2.1 PC speaker that can raise your monitor by 3-inches (not adjustable) and has a built-in powered subwoofer with customizable bass levels. Improve your posture and upgrade your multimedia audio with the BSE 2-in-1 soundbase.

USB Powered Easy Installation
Convenient built-in 60" long USB power & 3.5mm AUX audio/mic cables let you connect the BSE directly to your computer without the need for an AC outlet. Experience 2.1 bass-rich audio without messy cable nests found with 3-unit speaker systems (left channel, right channel, separate subwoofer) and all their audio/power connector cables.

Full Spectrum Sound with Powered Subwoofer
The unibody housing of the BSE accomodates dual front-facing 2" speaker drivers and a built-in 4" powered subwoofer to achieve full 2.1 sound. Built-in volume and bass controls allow you to fine-tune and customize your sound experience to fit your audio needs.

Low-Profile Space Saving Design
The BSE was built to be all-in-one compact wired sound system that offers a tidy desk speaker solution and frees up space around your monitor or laptop. It measures 15.25 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 3.12 inches tall (height is not adjustable) so that it conveniently sits under your desktop monitor or laptop workstation. By utilizing this unused space, not only does the BSE function as a monitor riser, but it keeps space to the left and right of your screen free. In contrast, standard 2.1 speaker systems require three separate speaker components and much more of your desk's real estate.

Connectivity Ports Headphone output ; Aux-in
Dimensions 8 x 4.43x 3.43 inches per speaker 203.2 x 112.52 x 87.12
Included Accessories N/A
Weight 2.87lbs
Speaker Power 16W RMS, 32W Peak
Driver 3in Driver, 1.5in Tweeter
Impedance 2 Ohm Driver, 4 Ohm Tweeter
Sensitivity N/A
Frequency Response 200Hz – 20KHz
Audio Input 3.5mm audio plug
Power USB 5V
Additional Features Volume control, 2 way speaker
Speaker Separation 45 inches 1143mm