Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

The kit includes: Velvet cleaning brush includes, a) velvet record cleaning brush b) carbon fiber stylus cleaning brush c) velvet brush cleaning whisk Silicone record cleaning roller Microfiber cloth Drawstring storage pouch
  • $22.99

GOgroove 6-in1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Velvet Record Brush & Cleaning Whisk
Keeping your records, record player and other vinyl accessories is key to enjoying great sounding music. With the GOgroove 6-in-1 vinyl cleaning kit, you no longer have to worry. The kit comes equipped with a smooth velvet record brush that lifts up dirt and other debris, keeping your records in pristine condition. Make sure to brush the record while its off the turntable. Accompanying the large brush is a cleaning whisk that eliminates and wipes off what the brush picks up.

Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush
If your record player isn't maintained properly, particle buildup and contaminants can have a lasting, damaging effect. Included is a carbon-fiber stylus that helps eliminate static on your stylus for crisp sounding audio. Just make sure to brush towards your body to prevent damaging.

Silicone Record Roller
The washable silicone roller does a deep dive on your vinyl records. The roller picks up debris, dust and dirt deep between the grooves on your records. And because the roller is adhesive and liquid free, you don't have to worry about that messy grease!

Cleaning Cloth & Accessory Storage Bag
The micro-fiber cleaning cloth is great for removing smudges and finger prints giving your records a smooth finish and keeps them in mint condition. To tie it all together; literally and figuratively, is the accessory storage pouch. Throw all of the cleaning products in the bag for easy transporting and organizing. Great for record collectors and DJ's!

Works With:
LP , EP , Audio Technica , Crosley , Electrohome , Innovative TEchnology , Victorla , Jensen , Sony