Wireless Freedom

Whether you’re watching TV at home, listening to music in the car, or enjoying music from your portable speaker, nothing can make these experiences better then be wire free. All BlueGATE transmitters and receivers give all your audio devices an instant Bluetooth upgrade which allows for wireless streaming up to 30ft away! Both functional and versatile, BlueGATE transmitters are essential to hands-free listening.

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Transmit or Receive

With both transmitters and receivers in the product line, there is no excuse to not have Bluetooth technology. Use the receivers to plug into headphones, car stereos, portable speakers, sound bars, home theatre systems and more to stream audio from a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. Use the transmitters to play audio off non Bluetooth device such as phones, mp3 players, computers and radios and pair with Bluetooth enabled portable speaker, headphones, stereos and more. No matter your Bluetooth situation, BlueGATE has you covered!

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Working Together

Because the BlueGATE line is universally compatible to all kinds of audio devices, they are the perfect accessory for some of our other GOgroove products. Perhaps you just purchased our luxury AudioLUX Bluetooth headphones and you want to watch your favorite show on TV without disturbing others. Plug the BlueGATE TRM into the TV, pair your headphones and enjoy quality uninterrupted sound. Our products work together made your everyday activities easier and more fun.

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