Plug-N-Play Design

The SonaVERSE series offers a diverse selection of speakers, designed to fit into your office, classroom, bedroom, living room & more! With no external power adapters required, setting up any of these speakers is easy! Whether you choose a USB or battery powered speaker, simply insert the universal 3.5mm cable into your device, and start jamming to your favorite tunes!

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Room-Filling Audio

In every setup, these speakers offer impressive clarity and fullness for your audio. Combine acoustic housing, passive woofers and quality stereo drivers and you get room filling sound, rich frequencies and a powerful resonating bass. Audio this good doesn’t disappoint!

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Modern Aesthetics

Every speaker has a uniquely designed with sleek contours and a modern, classy touch. Whether it be a crystal clear acrylic housing, sleek black cube design with LED accents or even dual towers, SonaVERSE speakers are made to excite anytime, anywhere. Whether you are looking to accent your home office, use for Skype calls with your friends at home or enjoy music at school, SonaVERSE speakers are the perfect accessory for any setting.

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Cute Character Design

Music is fun so shouldn’t your speakers be fun? No speakers have to be boring and the Groove Pals definitely aren’t! Groove Pal speakers are designed for all ages, kids and adults who are animal lovers. With unique character designs to fit every style, these speakers are cute, adorable and user-friendly!

Character Mood Light Speakers
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