Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Detachable Earhook, Hands-Free Calling and A2DP Music Streaming
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Music Streaming

While you’re streaming music, you can pause, play, and control the volume of your device by pressing the onboard controls on your headset. With the same controls, you have the power to take calls without ever needing to touch your phone.

Handsfree Design

The BlueVIBE CPT features hands free calling making the BlueVIBE CPT the ultimate companion for your smartphone. This multifunctional earpiece allows you to take calls while you drive or to multitask while you're conducting a conference call without ever touching your phone! While a call is coming in, press the Main button to take the call, or press and hold down for 2 seconds to rejected the call. And press the main button twice to redial your last outgoing call!

Dual Ear Option

The CPT features two styles of wear: An ear hook for support, and an additional wired ear piece for dual ear use. Both styles compliment the CPT’s multifunctional use whether you’re placing a call or wirelessly streaming music. Each package comes with 3 comfortable fitting gels to ensure a snug fit.



  • BlueVIBE CPT Headset
  • Removable Ear Hook
  • Removable Ear Bug
Micro-USB Cable
Micro-USB to USB Charging Cable
Replacement Micro-USB Charging Cable
Ear Buds
Replacement ear buds are made of comfortable silicone, provide noise-isolation and are interchangeable with 3 sizes - Small, Mediu..
Replacement Silicone Ear Buds / Gels for AudiOHM Headphones