Groove Pal KDZ

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Over-Ear Brown Bear Headphones with Volume Limiting Sound
Groove Pal KDZ

Polar Bear
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Kid-Safe Sound

Designed with special volume-limiting drivers, the GOgroove Groove Pal KDZ headphones keep audio at a decibel level (85dB) that is safe for developing ears. By being exposed to harmful or loud sounds over a period of time, children risk damaging sensitive structures in their inner ear, causing induced hearing loss (NIHL). With the Groove Pal KDZ Headphones, your child can enjoy their favorite audio at a safe frequency and range.

Looks Cute!

The GOgroove Groove Pal KDZ headphones not only sound great, but look adorable with their fun, cute animal design. The soft plush material of the KDZ headphones will keep your child's ears warm and cozy while they enjoy music with their new friend. The adjustable, flexible headband ensures a comfortable fit for heads of all shapes and sizes!

Universally Compatible

The universal 3.5mm plug makes using these headphones with your Smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, MP3 player and other audio devices a breeze.